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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Musketeer ~Le Sang des Chevaliers~ Soundtrack Download

01. I’m with u
02. theme de mousquetaire -Attrait-
03. theme de mousquetaire -Courageux-
04. D’Artagnan
05. Athos
06. Aramis
07. Porthos
08. Rochefort
09. Richelieu
10. Treville
11. Constantin
12. Shubarie gakuen
13. Fuji ni kureru akatsuki
14. Yoru o oyogu yami
15. Dakunaito
16. Akuma-ka
17. Reigen’naru mokuza
18. Kishi no bohyō
19. Shiro hyaku-gō
20. Memories
21. night Walk
22. Kensō no sukerutsu
23. Kokkeina bukyoku
24. Kessoku
25. Sakusen kaishi!
26. Kinchō to shōsō no naka de
27. Sōshitsu
28. Koku to Akira yo no shūen
29. Shōri no fanfāre
30. Koyoi wa kimi to
31. Love story
32. Romance
33. Itoshiki kimi e
34. Kaihō
35. Namidanokiseki (Short Ver.)
36. Wing of Memory
EXTRA – Namidanokiseki (FULL Ver.)

      I didn't own this, i simply want to share it. thats all
BTW I really like the OP song!! >w<


  1. Do you have the ISO file of this ? I've already downloaded 1 but it was unpacked so it doesn't work

    1. iso? i don't quiet understand, but i don't think you need iso to listen to it.
      oh, by the way, i had fixed the dead link above, if you still want it. :p

      and sorry for the late reply, because i've been really busy with so many homework given to me this month (ó﹏ò。)

  2. Aa , no . I mean the Game file . . .

    1. woops!Σ(゜ロ゜;) i see...gomen ne....
      well, let me test it first weather it's still working or not.
      if it's works well then i'll upload it here ;)


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