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Thursday, January 31, 2013

AMNESIA CROWD will be the third installment in the Amnesia series by Otomate, taking place after AMNESIA LATER. The “CROWD” in the title has the same meaning as in “crowd of people”, which could relate to the fact that more characters will be explored. The game will feature a new and different system, and will be divided into three sections: Suspense, Working, and Love.

Suspense could be seen as an alternate take in the story beginning at a certain point in the original plot. It’s August and the heroine has regained her memories and gotten closer to her “important person”, however, an incident happens and they get separated. Her life will be at stake and “he” has to race to save her. Depending on the chosen character, certain events will happen differently. The point of view will alternate between the characters, so we’ll get to understand more about the guys’ feelings and thoughts.

Working will consist of mini games for the five main guys at the heroine’s workplace, Meido no Hitsuji. They take place when she still has no memories so she has to rely on verbal instructions of other co-workers and Orion. It seems we’ll see a new side of Waka-san as well.

Love will take place some time after Amnesia Later, depicting the characters’ current lives and most likely the obstacles they still have to overcome as a couple.

there will also be a new character named Ruka, voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa. He’s a 27 year old artist who came to town looking for a certain person and there’s a lot of mistery surrounding him.

will be out for the PSP again this year, though an official release date has yet to be announced. But I can't wait for this to come out!!. hope it doesn't take to long because I definitely will play this  first after it came out! (≧∇≦)
especially Ruka, I hope he is also become a capturable guy *radar Bishie Mode on* LOL (¯ ∀ ¯) ~♪


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