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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Japanese Title: 剣が君
Rejet released a new game again...(o´Д`)=з
but the art look great and the heroin look badass too, i think i will play this game for sure if it has came out(//∇//)
The game is set to be released in Spring 2013.

——Taking place during the early stages of the Edo period, this is Rejet’s first Japanese-inspired tale. Kayo, our heroine, is the daughter of a food & tea houseliving with her father. One day, she was asked an odd favor by the Princess of Sunpu Castellan, to take her place in a marriage promenade. Because Kayo and the Princess are splitting images of each other….
Bewildered, but with her mind set, Kayo departs on her journey from Tokaido region with six samurai for bodyguards on the marriage promenade to Edo, Hakone, Mishima, up till the destination in Sunpu.
And so, the wheel of destiny begins to spin.
On the way towards Edo, she becomes caught up in youkai with destructive abilities, as well as the ‘Sword Retrieving Imperial Match’ that concerns the legendary five great swords, which is really a cover for a sickening ritual being performed…...
Through the criss-crossing and intertwining of paths, finally the road splits into two.One, living with the sword in the path of war.
Two, living with you in the path of peace.
The destiny they find their way through to is……?——

The character and the cast:

Tsuzuramaru (CV: Ono Yuki)
Age: 22,
Birthday: Nov 7th, 1614.
Height: 5’6”.
Sword: anepigraphic.
Birth place: Mutsu Province.
Style: Tamiyaryu.

Kei (CV: KENN)
Age: 19. 
Birthday: Apr 4th, 1615.
Height: 5’8”.
Sword: Raikiri & Kazakiri.
Birth place: Kibi Province.
Style: Ushitora.

Kuroba Saneaki (CV: Okiayu ryoutarou)— Age: 25.
Birthday: Jun 15th, 1609.
Height: 5’9”.
Sword: Magoroku kanemoto.
Birth place: Hizen Province.
Style: Shintoryu + Garyu (self taught).

Enishi (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)—
Age: 23.
Birthday: Aug 1st, 1611.
Height: 6’1”.
Sword: Mikazuki munechika.
Birth place: Hitachi Province.
Style: Yagyuu Shinkageryu.

Sagihara Sakyou (CV: Hoshi Souchirou)—
Age: 18.
Birthday: Jan 25th, 1616.
Height: 5’7”.
Sword: Hotarumaru.
Birth place: Yamashiro Province.
Style: Kuramaryu + Garyu.

Suzukake (CV: Ohsaka Ryouta)— Age: 18. Birthday: Sep 30th, 1616. Height: 5’6”. Sword: Housenka. Birth place: Musashi Province. Style: Garyu.   


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