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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

At First, Prince of Stride is a light novel that's been running in Girl's Style Since June 2012 or so, and it's also has a Drama CD (It's about a track team)

The Story/Planning : Sogabe Shuuji (FiFS)
Character design : Nono Kanako (FiFS)
Text/Scenario : Nagakawa Naruki

it's a story about Sakurai Nana who fell in llove with an extreme (fictional) sport called Stride (an extreme sport game where they change the toen's course and you have to run with all your might) after watching a video of Hounan Academy HS stride team match on the web. With her strong determination, Nana left Hokkaido and went to Hounan Academy in Tokyo. What awaits her are irreplaceabel encounter with the men who were also drawn by the game stride. Their strong feelings changes withh distance. Their heart run to thhe point of falling in love.

Cast List :
Yagami Riku (CV Kimura Ryouhei)
Fujiwara Takeru (CV Okamoto Nouhiko)
Hasekura Heath (CV Ono Daisuke)
Kohinata Hozumi (CV Ono Kenshou)
Kuga Kyosuke (CV Suwabe Junichi)
S.Mayuzumi (CV Hirakawa Daisuke)
A.Mayuzumi (CV Ono Yuuki)


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