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Thursday, May 8, 2014
as the title above, this time, I will review two of Quinrose game that cought my eyes desu~ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
I always love a fantasy fairy tale theme (tamaranai naa...(*≧▽≦)).everyone might already know about this, but for some who don't know, i want to share this info with everyone :p.

So, start with Mermaid Gothic/マーメイド・ゴシック

As you can see, you might already guess that it was based on the little mermaid :D. Start with our heroine, Lydia, is punised and imprisoned because she saved a human 10 years earlier by giving her blood. to get her freedom, her father who is the king of merfolk tell her to kill the prince of the human country.

Next is, Majoou/魔女王

So, the story take place in the world of magic. Our heroine, Rose, is the demon lord only doughter who is chosen to lead her family and  inherit her father's throne someday. but, soon, she has no choice but to take the throne after the god of darkness foresee that a heroes will come attacking their castle and meaking a quiet uproar there. However, being a demon lord is not as easy as it may seems. As the humans didn't trust and hostile toward them, thats because there's also many demons who enjoy killing humans. In order to get humans trust once again, she has to stop the bad demons from killing anymore.

Both project is for PSP and the release date is still undecided, but it was scheduled to be released this year.

There's actualy still much more new otome game i want to review but, i dont have enough time right now, because next week till next month i had an exam......
To be honest, i'm depressed + stressed right now because of overheating from too much studying and there's recently many otome game that are only for PSVita and I DON'T HAVE PS VITA!!? (இ﹏இ`。)
why it has to be PS Vitaaa???
haaah.....I know it was for the best game experience and enjoyment, i also know that it was way better than PSP, but why did make it into PSP too~....?
...now all I can do right now are only stalking every otome site to see every update they have regarding with PS vita otome game.......

if there's only anyone nearby who has it......*何でもない!、気にしないでください!!。これはただ、僕のせせらぎだけですから、気にしなくてもいいよ*

時間がある時に、また続きにしよね :3


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