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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

(for the OP themes):
At first, I only want the OP theme of Chronostacia. But, I ended up liking the whole album...
Shikata Akiko's song is really awesome!! XD
If you already play Ar Tonelico series, you might find that the song is familiar and turn out that it actually sings the same person LOL

Original title : 志方あきこ「トゥライダ」
Release Date :  Oct 23, 2013
Published by  Frontier Works
Composed by Akiko Shikata
Arranged by  Akiko Shikata

     Track list:
  1.  時に埋もれた言葉  
  2. Arcadia (NHK BS Premium "Genkai! Chouchijou File Darkside Mystery" Theme Song)
  3. 光降る場所で~Promesse~ (OVA "Tales of Symphonia THE ANIMATION Sekai Tougou-hen" Chapter 3 Ending Theme)
  4. アラベスク
  5. 化石の楽園
  6. 翅亡キ花
  7. Buonanotte
  8. ひらいてさんぜ
  9. 萼―utena (Messiah's Movie and Stage Play Theme Song)
  10. 祈りの果てのひとふりの (RAKA (HUCD-10024) 10th Track (Haresugita Sora no Shita de / Under a Clear Sky) Sequel Song)
  11. 刻限のロンド (PSP Game "ChronoStacia" Opening Theme)
  12. Leyre (NHK BS Premium "Genkai! Chouchijou File Darkside Mystery" Ending Song)
so, click below if you want to download the album, or just click the link on the track list if you only want the OP themes.

Zippyshare          Mega

enjoy ;)
(for the ED Theme) 
Nanairo Score / 霜月はるか 

Here, as I promise :3 (there's also include hiiro no kakera ~shirahana no ori~ FD - ED theme and other several game songs in it) :

Original title :   霜月はるか [なないろスコア]
Release Date :  Nov 11, 2014
Published by  TEAM Entertainment
Composed by Haruka Shimotsuki
Arranged by  Haruka Shimotsuki

Track list:
01.キボウのソラ(PC Game「Kimi e okuru, sora no hana」OP Theme)02.Re:Call(PC Game「Dekinai watashi ga, Kurikaesu.」OP theme)03.虹色の季節へ(PC Game「PriministAr」OP Theme)04.ふゆみどり(TV Anime「Atelier Escha & Logy ~Alchemist of the Dusk sky~」E­D Theme)05.彩りの頃(PSP Game「Shirahana no oro ~hiiro no kakera 4~ Shiki no uta」Aki ED Theme)06.Hidra Heteromycin(PS3/PS Vita Game「Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn star」Insert song)07.茨の窓08.Loving you(PC Game「PRETTY×CATION」OP Theme)09.あめつちのことわり(PS3 Game「Atelier Escha & Logy ~Alchemist of the Dusk sky~」Avan Title Theme)10.手の中の虹(PSP Game「ChronoStacia」ED Theme)11.FLOWERS(PC/PSP/PS Vita Game「FLOWERS」Haru-hen OP Theme)12.Startup(Browser Game RPG「Kanpani☆Girls」OP Theme)13.真昼の月(PC Game「Kimoreyou no Nostalgica」ED Theme)14.Heretical Wings15. なないろスコア

download link:


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