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Friday, November 14, 2014

Game Information
English Title : Gakuen K -Wonderful School Days-
Original Title : 学園K -Wonderful School Days-
Publisher : Idea Factory
Developer : Otomate & Ichi Column
Genre : AVG + Bishounen Games
Version : Japan CERO B (12+)
Available On : Play Station Portable (PSP)
Size : 932 GB
Format : ISO
Release Date : 2014-10-30



[Part1]   [Part2]   [Part3]


  1. hello! I was able to download all 3 parts of the game. but when I extract tells me that Part 2 is broken. Please settle it.

    1. thats mean, your download of part 2 is still isn't really complete yet or failed. try to re-download it again.

    2. I download it 3 times and I keep saying that Part 2 is broken. Might not reraise? please :(

    3. sorry for the late update, it seems my file has been limit by mediafire due to being split, encrypt or something... =_=)a
      i wonder why? there should be 8GB free space remaining, if it keep limiting me from share it with everyone then, i guess i won't be using mediafire for a while, unless *cough*there's someone kind enough to upgrade my account for me*cough* Lol (what a hopeful thinkng i have XD)

      anyway re-upload on mega using the same file so, you don't have to start over from part 1, just download the corresponding file that you still require ;)
      hope this times work XP

  2. hello, thanks for the link ^^ ! i want to ask a question..
    Do you know how to make this game work in ppsspp ? ._. I have downloaded 3 files and i have no idea what to do next.. so i extracted them but i also kept replacing part 1 with part 2 and then part 2 with part 3...i don't see any iso file types (?).. anyway, it's my first time >< sorry for bothering D:

    1. hm....sorry, i don't know how use ppsspp. i never play it on emu so i don't know much about it. may you can find it in their forum here (http://forums.ppsspp.org/) ....sorry i can't be helpful :')

      if you having problem extracting the file, try place it in the same folder. just click part.1's file, then use winrar to extract it in that folder.
      after that, there should be an iso file there.
      by the way, someone told me the link isn't working before. i'm a free user afterall, thats why i've been limited to upload a certain type of file.
      so if you still can't see the iso file, maybe thats the problem. try to download it again using the new link i give you ;)

  3. owo can you use an Psp emanulator to play this?

  4. how to i patch the game in english :(

    1. there's no english patch for this game yet :')

  5. have no problem in downloading part 2 and 3 but part 1 T.T

    1. are you sure? i've no problem downloding the part 1 tought... =_=)a

  6. Replies
    1. i'm deeply sorry for the late reply
      i'm not sure if i' can reupload it again on another site,
      as i'm getting busier in RL, i might had to abandon my blog for a while
      well, if i had reupload it, i'll make sure to update this post again with a link next time ;)

  7. Hi im sorry. How do I play this? Ive downloaded all parts. Do I simply add it to my PSP..?

    1. exctract part 1 first, then finally put the iso file that you had exctract into your psp

  8. Hi I know I'm like three years late (literally), but it says that that part one isn't accessible anymore... idk if that was intentional or not, just lettin you know


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