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Tuesday, November 25, 2014
I just found out recently after it's been a while i do an otoge hunting and find the next series for harutoki game's XD

from B'sLOG information, it will be on platform PSV & PSP. (Woohooo~ PSP version everyone~? XP). And was slated to be release on March 12, 2015.

first, let's see the PV for it XP:

I think this time the setting will be in Taisho era ( >w< )b!

  "------long time ago, at the end of prosperous yonimo(?).
      an ordinary high school girl named Takatsuka Azusa, was visiting her sick grandmother in  hospital.there she hear mysterious voice that suddenly brought her into a different world that similar to Taisho era.

imperial city.
in this city, old tradition and new cultures ideals both lives.
in recent years, a being called evil spirit was going rampant every day.
being observe by public safety, imperial army organized an elite squad in order to subdue the evil spirit.
     the situation imperial city getting worse and strike even more fear after hearing the prophecy that spreading in the city about "the end".
finally a miko of the dragon is summoned after a revelation from the dragon came.

The imperial army then make a ceremony to present it to the miko that has been summoned.
but before that happen, after the heroine got off from the different world, her hand was pulled by the mysterious young man named Darius,
and was brought to come tag along into a frightening forest in the west of the imperial city.
            "comes...miko's of the dragon, welcome to the clan's of oni"  as he bring her into his mansion. the young man tell her that he himself was an oni/demon.
there, the heroine then got involved in conflict between the imperial army and the clan's of oni.
she has to chose whose side she will aid in the end----------"

Character's profile:
The heroine/ Takatsuka Azusa
"if only i had power, i won't let this world be destroyed"
16-years old, school girl whose also a Miko of the Dragon.
later she found out that she's a miko that in charge of the black dragon.
with surprisingly compassionate face, she is the type who prefer a calm judgment.
when she went to the hospital to visit her grandmother, she was invited by a voice that takes her into the different world.

Arima Hajime
"we're from elite squad ---don't get in my way"
23-years old, captain of the elite squad that subdue the evil spirit. Nobody outright him in the imperial army.
he was respect by his men, a virtuous person who seldom to show his ambitions. He is searching the miko of the dragon. He can make a fast decision, and take a quick and bold action if neeeded.

"welcome, please reconsider ---because to me you're my destiny"
24-years old, leader of the oni's clans, with heterogeneous beauty. He excelled in making illusion. with making a full use of surgery, he's living in the forest that located in the back of imperial city.
after the heroine came from another world, he hid her in his mansion.
in there he adore and like to spoil her, but she still can't read his real intention.
17-years old, young man who suffer from unknown illness that are spreading around the imperial city. the effect of the illness makes him lose some of his memory.
has a bright personality, he also volunteered on his own freewill on taking care of the heroine without any affectation.
because of some circumstances with the imperial army, he's currently freeloading in Darius's mansion.
Katagiri Syuhei

26-years old, deputy captain from the elite squad who subdue the evil spirit. moreover,
he's also the son's of the chief who has the highest authority in imperial army.
under his adult conduct, he has a gentle personalities and cares for the heroine.
since his deceased mother was born from nobility, he also has a wide variety of hobbies.
Rudo Haane/ Rood Harnes
Nicknamed "Rudo". 15-years old, boy whose been order by Darius to taking cares of the heroine's need. He's calm and precocious despite his age.
because if his seriousness and perfectionist personality, he was left to take care of the housework and financial management at Darius's mansion.

Honjou Masatora

29-years old, guy that was hired by Darius. Nicknamed "Tiger".
he is very proud of his strenght, that he even  willing to take any dangerous missions.
he's so arrogant and has a very absurd demeanor . he's even mercilesly force the heroine to lives in the mansion.

Hagio Kudan

19-years old, young men from the Stars clan whose also the imperial advisor and was the one who do the ritual to summoned the miko.
a kind hearted person that will cherish and protect the miko above anything else.
he use native wording and sometimes his odd behavior is beyond common sense of the wold because he's been living for many years with only books by his side.
Satoya Murasame

35-years old, novelist that currently lodging at cafe's "ハイカラヤ" (i don't how's it spelled right in english)
a man whose looking at the world in a unique point of view and has a languor down feeling in him.
he doesn't join in either the imperial army nor the oni's clan, instead he keeps his position neutral.
his current occupation is sellimg information, he isn't picky between his customers as long as he get payed.

Komano Chiyo

17-years old stout hearted and positive girl, that was chosen as the miko of the white dragon and currently take refuge in imperial army. Before, she was only the only doughter of some merchant in kyoto.
Hagio Kudan  from stars clan is her childhood friends.
Katagiri Seishiro

53-years old, commander-in-chief of the imperial army.
a strict person, yet have a grandeur and dignified personality.
and also, Katagiri Syuhei's father.

well, thats all for now.... for more information you can visit the site here
I'll update this post again if there's any new's on the main site,
if there's something you don't understand on what i write above, then please forgive this messed up bad english of mine, since i didn't had a confidence on my writing skill... :')

I really wishes this game to came out on PSP soon~ 

because i'm a fan of harutoki series so far... (≧▽≦)

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  1. so those psp games you have been uploading here are all in english?


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