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Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Long time no see みんな~~
i never tough will update my blog ever again...(;´ρ`) グッタリ
actually, i'm still very busy
but i really want to update it soon, so i be quick on this (;^ω^)つまんね!!

this times, i will upload more of my favorite music collections
start from:

Original Title: Mao - Toddle
Released: July 7, 2010
Catalog no.: KDSD-376
Artist: Mao

  1.  toddle (1:18)
  2.  START! (3:26)
  3.  君ノ記憶 (4:22)
  4.  Departure (5:03)
  5.  終わらない世界 (3:30)
  6.  ココにいる。 (4:09)
  7.  センチメント (4:39)
  8.  Dia (5:50)
  9.  小さな翼 (4:51)
  10.  S.Y.K (3:48)
  11.  願いゴト。 (4:24)
  12.  恋のココロ (4:12)

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