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Friday, May 24, 2013
sorry for the late informing, actually, it has been anounce by idea factory, 4 month ago maybe...??? 
for someone who already know this long ago, then you don't have to read it... (   =_=")a
anyway, Shiratsuyu no Kai is Otomate's venture into genre of horror (they label it as a ghost story love adventure).
The setting is an old japanese Shrine and there will be supernatural elements. 
The current release date for it is 6/27 and it is for the PSP.


Invited by a group of boys who came for a test of courage, the heroine joins in on overnight ghost stories at an old shrine.In the middle of the hundred ghost stories they discover a hidden door inside the shrine. After descending into an underground passage, what they found over there was...Legends, local deities, sacrifices... They thought that every one of these stories were written as part of an old, forgotten legend. However, because of the mark of sacrifice left on the young girl's body, once again they will be visiting these grounds.                                                   Lured by the fate of their own blood--


Ichikawa Tsuyuha
19. Born in April. Type B.
"I thought it could be avoided... what a shame..."
Her parents died when she was young and currently she lives with her foster parent. She doesn't express many emotions on her face and she's not really good at difficult things; they make her predisposed to sarcasm.
Mitani Soushi (CV: Hino Satoshi)
17. Born in March. Type B.
"I don't shun this blood."
The elder twin brother to Ryouta. After their parents divorced, he went to live with their mother. He acts carefree which makes it hard to see his true character and when it comes to himself and his brother he has a hard time expressing himself. He also can't be honest with himself.
On the right side is "Amanojyaku", the name of the demon whose soul dwells inside of Soushi, and occasionally his body becomes that. Tormented by the thought of the invitation to tell a hundred ghost stories being the cause of the mark of sacrifice being engraved on the heroine, he will use his own strength to settle these series of problems. He walks alone on the path of restoration with his demon-transformed body to keep his precious people, Ryouta and the heroine, away from a blood-soaked fate.

Tsukamoto Ryouta (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)
17. Born in March. Type O.
"Over and over I've thought about how it'd be better if I could exchange places."
The younger twin brother to Soushi. He has a gentle nature and does things at his own pace. Although he's calm, he also has a forceful side that tends to settle things without argument. In fact, he has a right straight punch that can knock down Soushi and Kiyoharu's enthusiasm.

Senke Kiyoharu (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou)
18. Born in July. Type B.
"Well then, let's resume the hundred ghost stories~."
A cheerful young man and the childhood friend of the twins ever since nursery school. He's the mood-maker of the group and he's not very studious but he's skilled with his fingers and his hobby is fiddling around with machines.
His pet name is "Haru".
On the right is "Mekurabe". Kiyoharu noticed when he was young that there was something inhuman within him and so fear of the unknown nature of the thing has led him to act in ways that won't provoke it. In order to not have Soushi and the others notice that he's hiding something, he purposefully acts dumb. However, now that the heroine has been engraved with that ominous mark, he must face "that which must be avoided" inside of him for the first time.

Shima Takaomi (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)
18. Born in May. Type AB.
"Don't worry about it. There's absolutely no deeper meaning to Haru's words."
He's a childhood friend of the twins, but he attends a different senior high school; a private boarding school. He's friends with Chiaki who he shares a room with, and he interacts a lot with his childhood friends. Contrary to his delicate looks, he has an endless appetite and falls asleep anywhere.
On the right is "Dodomeki". Even though he's left in painful circumstances Takaomi, who by nature scarcely expresses his emotions, pretends as if he does not feel even a speck of it. Although he has the blood of the demon who holds a hundred eyes, "Dodomeki", he has never shed tears from his own eyes. As he wipes away the tears of the heroine who constantly cries in his place, he feels that her flowing tears are preciously dear.

Kanda Chiaki (CV: Sugiyama Noriaki)
18. Born in April. Type O.
"Soushi, I wouldn't have thought that you were this unskilled with picking up girls."
Friends with Takaomi, he was introduced to the twins through him. He's clever and good at dealing with things by thinking ahead. He often slips out of the dormitories to play with Soushi and the others.
His pet name is "Chi-chan".

Nakamachi Shin (CV: Morita Masakazu)
28. Born in November. Type O.
"You.. Do you remember how many times you nearly died last month?"
Unrelated to the heroine, he's watched and cared over her since she was young as a substitute foster parent. He has a sharp tongue and is curt, but wishes for the heroine's happiness more than anyone else.

The heroine, who was taken in by her grandfather, raised herself on her own after he passed away.
Because of reasons, she lives her life hidden from her relatives.

Sub Character:

Amanojyaku (CV: Hino Satoshi)
"...Even though it would be better to run away together, you seriously intend to be a sacrifice?"
A demon who was enshrined in a nearby shrine to a village that practiced human sacrifices. Up until now he has watched the rituals on the sides without any interest, but after meeting a girl his feelings started to transform.
Tsubaki (CV: Fujisaki Kaori)
"I don't want to regret what I chose out of my own will."
The girl of sacrifice. She has accepted her fate out of her own will.

Kitsune (CV: Iguchi Yuuichi)
"..... Because.. I've always wanted to meet you. I've.. been waiting forever... for the day to meet you."
In the middle of walking on a mountain path something calls out to Tsuyuha from behind her back. She turns around to ascertain who the voice belongs to but sees a man with a mask that imitates a fox. Although surprised at the chance meeting with something inhuman, Tsuyuha finds her breath taken away at his honest beauty. When she timidly asks for his identity, he gives a vague answer in a transparent voice "I am nothing".


This game will feature the use of the dummy head mic. The game will also collect the hundred ghost stories that they tell in the game and you can listen to them from the title screen.. with the dummy head mic.
As you play the game there will be moments where you can move a cursor around and investigate objects.
You can change the name of the heroine but the men say her default name out loud.
At some points in the game there will be icons which you can click that will reveal the other character's opinions or thoughts.

you can visit The official site's for more infomation.


  1. Ooh! I sure am looking forward to that! 'Ghost story love adventure', huh! There are also several characters I'm interested in!! Thanks for posting~
    By the way, I love the background picture you have for this blog, and the one in the top too. Mind telling me what game they're from? <3

    1. hiiro no kakera 4 shirahana no ori from idea factory
      u're welcome btw (≧∇≦)b!


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